Configuring ESLint and Prettier for TypeScript

Join Josh Goldberg on October 21st at 2 p.m. EDT and learn how you can configure ESLint and Prettier for TypeScript compiling. Whether it’s formatting or linting, setting up the plethora of requisite tools for a modern TypeScript project can feel like a never-ending task. In this Meetup, you’ll get a clear walkthrough on the purpose and correct usage of:

  • TypeScript: adding type safety to your code
  • Prettier: applying and checking whitespace formatting
  • ESLint: stylistic (non-formatting!) code rules


Josh Goldberg
Josh Goldberg is an author, speaker, and open source maintainer on projects in the TypeScript ecosystem such as Learning TypeScript, typescript-eslint, and TypeStat.

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October 21st | 2 p.m EDT

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