UX Design

Aspect Ratios in UX Design

Aspect ratios in UX design: Tips, guide, and case study

Here are the considerations and best practices for designing with different aspect ratios and how to test out your own designs.
Eric Chung
6 min read
Design Constraints

Design constraints: Why they’re actually useful

Design constraints are limitations on what designers can do with a design. They can feel like a bad thing, but they...
Daniel Schwarz
7 min read
UX Job Interview

How to nail a UX design interview

A few tactics can help you make the whole interview experience smoother while maximizing your chances of getting that dream UX...
Bart Krawczyk
7 min read
Using Figma Sections

Using Figma’s Sections feature for better organization

Let’s cover the use cases for Figma’s sections and how to use them so you can maintain an organized, collaborative workspace.
Luca Longo
3 min read
Gestalt Principles

Applying gestalt principles in UX design

Designing with gestalt principles in mind can help intentionally guide user behavior, improve a design, and justify design decisions.
David Hall
6 min read
Landing Page Patterns

Landing page patterns for success in any industry

This article explores key design elements and taps into the psychology behind building an effective landing page.
Olga Dmytryshyna
6 min read
UX Writing Content Review

How to run a UX writing review with non-writers

One of the best ways to create great products is to hold UX writing reviews regularly with other stakeholders, like non-writers.
Jenni Nadler
7 min read
UX Certificates

Best certificates to boost your UX design career

There are numerous UX design certificates out there, but which ones deliver the value you need to boost your career? Find...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
Visual Design Strategy

Visual design strategy in UX: Principles, tutorial, template

A visual design strategy is not only about aesthetics. A good strategy should provide marketplace advantages when executed well.
Derek Boman
7 min read
Design Retrospective

How to conduct an effective design retrospective

A design retrospective can be a powerful tool for aligning your team, providing time to reflect on work, gather feedback, and...
Ross Dillon
10 min read
Five second testing UX

Five-second testing in UX: Guide, tips, template

A five-second test is a rapid usability testing method used by UX researchers to gather users’ first impressions of a design.
Rosie Allabarton
9 min read
Inline vs After Submit Form Validation

The UX of form validation: Inline or after submission?

Forms are an integral part of UX design. Form validation is a good method for identifying or preventing errors in forms.
Chinwe Uzegbu
6 min read