UX Design

Figma Variables

How to use variables in Figma

Variables enable designers to create more sophisticated interactive prototypes and reduce bloat in the process. Here are some best practices.
Joe Bernstein
5 min read
Goal Gradient Effect UX

The goal gradient effect: Boosting user engagement

Let's explore the goal gradient effect, its influence on user behavior, and some practical ways to apply it within product design.
Eric Chung
12 min read
10 Design Systems

10 of the best design systems to gain inspiration from

A successful design system can educate team members, streamline work, and empower designers to solve complex UX problems.
Olga Dmytryshyna
7 min read
UX Documentation

UX documentation: Guide, best practices, template

Documentation may not be your favorite part of the UX design process, but it’s crucial to the success of any design...
Chinwe Uzegbu
5 min read
Peak-end Rule

What’s the peak-end rule? How to use it to improve UX

Discover what the peak-end rule is and how it can help provide better UX by optimizing peak and end experiences for...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
Universal Icons

32 universal icons for a cross-culturally clear UI

Universal icons serve as powerful tools in promoting seamless user understanding across diverse cultures and contexts.
Betim Zaman
9 min read
Making Dashboard UI

Dashboard UI: Tutorial, best practices, examples

When done correctly, an effective dashboard UI minimizes user confusion. Here's how designers can create UI that doesn’t scare users.
Eric Chung
8 min read
Prominent Company Sign-up Pages

Best sign-up page examples from prominent companies

Let's explore some common reasons why registration pages fail and analyze examples of successful registration pages from prominent companies.
Chinwe Uzegbu
4 min read
Design Hypothesis UX

How to create a perfect design hypothesis

A design hypothesis is a cornerstone of the UX and UI design process that helps define research needs and influences the...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
Design Frameworks

UX design frameworks: Types and use cases for each

Design frameworks exist to aid in restructuring the overall design process. Here's how to turn these principles into a strong UX...
Victory Brown
10 min read
Banner Blindness in UX

Avoiding banner blindness: Designing for attention in UX

Banner blindness is an increasingly common phenomenon in digital product design and can impact how you advertise products and services.
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
System Usability Scale

How to use the System Usability Scale in modern UX

To conduct usability testing without spending a fortune or requiring a large team, turn to the System Usability Scale.
Victory Brown
8 min read