UX Design

Diary Study UX Research

Conducting a diary study to understand user behavior

A diary study can help you get to know your users, their goals, preferences, and behavior better. Here's how to create...
Rosie Allabarton
11 min read
Essential GUI Design Principles

Essential GUI design principles

Let's cover essential GUI design principles, like consistency, simplicity, and feedback, and explore how you can apply them to your designs.
Eric Chung
10 min read
A Bar Chart on Stand

How to get candid answers with guerilla usability testing

Guerilla usability testing is an informal and cost-effective way to get candid feedback from real users. Here's how to use it.
Eric Chung
7 min read
How to Use Figma Branching

How to use Figma branching properly

Branching in Figma is perfect for helping collaborators work within the same space, enabling multiple teams to work on multiple branches.
Daniel Schwarz
6 min read
Content Inventory UX

How to perform a UX content inventory

Discover what a content inventory is, how it differs from a content audit, and how the two practices work together.
Rosie Allabarton
7 min read
Applying Negative Space Design

Applying negative space in web design

Negative space is the area around and between design elements. Here's how to use it to great effect in web design.
Chris Kernaghan
9 min read
Prototyping Using Design System

Prototyping using a design system

Prototypes are a useful tool for designers that can be used alongside a design system, but we need to bear in...
Carlota Antón
7 min read
UX Writing Content Review

How to run a UX writing review with non-writers

One of the best ways to create great products is to hold UX writing reviews regularly with other stakeholders, like non-writers.
Jenni Nadler
6 min read
Login Screen UI

The essential elements of login screen UI design

The login screen can literally make or break a product experience. Here are some best practices you can follow.
David Hall
6 min read
Readability UX

Readability in UX: What is it and why is it important?

Let's take a deep dive into what makes up readability and show how important readability is to anything you put up...
Angela Fabunan
7 min read

A step-by-step breakdown of the UX design process

Here, we break down the UX design process into four steps and demonstrate how you can apply them successfully.
Victory Brown
9 min read
Figma Smart Animate

Using Figma smart animate to prototype animations

This article provides a step-by-step guide on using Figma's smart animate feature to prototype animations.
Oriol Banús
8 min read