for-in loops in Swift tutorial

Learn how to use for-in loops for Swift, including examples using arrays, range operators, dictionaries, and enums.
Rudrank Riyam
7 min read

How to choose the right React state management solution

React state management comes with challenges developers should be prepared to overcome. Learn the best approach, tool, and pattern to do so.
Iva Kop
10 min read

Keeping mistakes away from production

Developers make mistakes — we're human. In this post, you'll learn how to improve your review process and write better, mistake-free code.
Ashley Davis
9 min read

How to use TypeScript with React 18 alpha

React 18 alpha has just been released, which is an exciting development. But to get it working with TypeScript, you need to make a...
John Reilly
2 min read

React Icons: A comprehensive tutorial with examples

Learn how to use the React Icons library to display icons in your project with some help from React Hooks and React's Context API.
Hussain Arif
4 min read

The ultimate guide to enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Curious about the CORS policy and why you might face this error so often? Learn everything you need to know about it here.
Nitin Ranganath
6 min read

Implementing swiper components in React Native

Take a look at five different methods to build React Native swiper components for various use cases using Expo.
Clayton Francis
15 min read

Create React App: A quick setup guide

Our quick tutorial on Create React App covers how to set up a React app and configure some important features.
Esteban Herrera
7 min read

Cloudflare Pages tutorial: Deploying a React app via GitHub

Learn how to deploy a React app to Cloudflare Pages from your Github repository for free, and without configuring a complex build process.
Geshan Manandhar
5 min read

Upgrade your CSS layouts with Atomic Layout 

Easily create reusable layout units using the Atomic Layout, a new React-based library that uses styled-components.
Kasra Khosravi
5 min read

Automate formatting and fixing JavaScript code with Prettier and…

There are challenges when using both a formatter and linter. See how Prettier and ESLint can automatically fix and format your JavaScript.
Rob O'Leary
6 min read

Comparing React Native analytics tools

Explore popular React Native analytics tools, reviewing how to use them and the benefits they bring when building a React Native app.
Said Hayani
7 min read