Create adaptive icons in Flutter with flutter_launcher_icons

Thanks to flutter_launcher_icons, it’s easier than ever to create Flutter launcher icons using this package. Learn how here.
Matthew Croak
5 min read

Working with Rust collections

Rust collections enable us to store and retrieve data efficiently. This overview includes use cases for specific collections.
Ikeh Akinyemi
6 min read

CouchDB vs. LevelDB: Comparing state database options

In this article, we compare the two most popular state database options for the Hyperledger Fabric network: CouchDB and LevelDB.
Sheriff Quadri
4 min read

How to implement SSL certificate pinning in React Native

Implement SSL pinning in React Native to protect mobile apps from hacks by narrowing down the list of trusted certificates.
Lawrence Eagles
5 min read

Guide to using arenas in Rust

Learn how to use arenas in Rust to improve the performance of memory allocation and deallocation to run your code faster.
Greg Stoll
5 min read

How to use celebrate with Node.js

Learn how to use joi and celebrate to ease the stress of validating user inputs in your Node.js apps in this complete tutorial.
Hulya Karakaya
7 min read

Linting in Kotlin: A complete guide

Lint tools are used to help find errors and avoid poorly written code. Learn about linting in Kotlin and how you can get started...
Muyiwa Femi-Ige
6 min read

Stay unblocked in code review and build products faster…

Learn a bit about stacking and the tooling that makes it easier in local environments in this post from Graphite co-founder Tomas Reimers.
Tomas Reimers
3 min read

A developer’s guide to smart contract security audits

Smart contracts are deployed and executed on the Ethereum blockchain. Audits of these contract enable developers to provide a thorough analysis of smart contract...
David Ekanem
7 min read

How to deploy smart contracts on IOTA

This article profiles IOTA, an open source distributed ledger, and demonstrates two methods for deploying smart contracts on IOTA.
Scofield Idehen
6 min read

Debugging Tailwind CSS and Next.js

Using Tailwind CSS and Next.js together can be a powerful match, sometimes a few bugs get in the way. Learn to fix them in...
Rahul Chhodde
6 min read

Understanding animation and transition timing functions in CSS

The animation property allows you to change the properties of an element over a specific duration, while transition defines how an element changes over...
Oscar Jite-Orimiono
7 min read