7 bad excuses for not using TypeScript

Typescript has come a long way since its inception over six years ago and is being adopted by leading web companies. While there may...
Dmitry Pashkevich
7 min read

Discovering the Shadow DOM

We are all fully aware of the Document Object Model (DOM). Thanks to it, we can manipulate the structure and the content of an...
Andrea Chiarelli
7 min read

Practical tips for better tech talk slides

Speaking at conferences and meetups can be one of the best things you can do for your career. But for many developers, public speaking...
Jason Rodriguez
6 min read

What’s new in Create React App 2

Create React App 2.1, released at the end of October 2018, added official support for TypeScript. This, along with all of the improvements and...
Esteban Herrera
6 min read

Adding pipelines to JavaScript

Pipelines enable clean chaining of operations, but they’re not quite ready just yet The usage of pipes to transport water, air, gas, or any other...
Benjamin Johnson
6 min read

The question of “why?” in single-page application frameworks

The phrase “single-page application” has come, over the years, to mean both a particular type of website and a web development paradigm. A website...
Jason Hoffman
6 min read

Is TypeScript on Node.js good enough for Java developers?

Every now and then you run into a cranky programmer who hates Javascript. They argue that JavaScript is terrible because it lacks type checking...
David Herron
16 min read

React Hooks — let’s not get too attached

After the React team announced the proposal of a new feature called Hooks at React Conf 18, there was a strange reaction in the...
Adam Boro
3 min read

Promise chaining is dead. Long live async/await

​​While async functions have been around forever, they are often left untouched. Async/await is what some may consider an outcast. ​​Why? ​​​​A common misconception...
Alberto Gimeno
4 min read

3 advantages of React functional components on an ecommerce…

If you’ve used React before, chances are that you’ve had to require some form of method for managing things. If we take, for example,...
Sunil Sandhu
3 min read

Creating Nodemon in Node.js

Manually restarting an application’s process after each change to the codebase can be both exhausting and frustrating. Fortunately, one brilliant developer eventually said “enough!”...
Maciej Cieślar
7 min read

Implicit state sharing: React’s context API & provide/inject in…

Imagine you are creating an accordion component that you want to distribute publicly through an npm package. You would like the user of this...
Jonathan Harrell
3 min read