Converting videos to GIFs using FFMPEG on Android

In this article, we will convert a video file into a GIF using FFMPEG on Android and request media from Android Storage Providers.
Emmanuel Enya
5 min read

How to automatically import and register Vue components

Reduce your code bloat by automatically importing Vue components using unplugin-vue-components.
Jacob Jackson
5 min read

How to write reusable components in Phoenix LiveView

In the Phoenix framework, a LiveView is a special type of connection that we can return from the returned JSON and HTML routes.
Simon Bundgaard-Egeberg
6 min read

Build complex SPAs quickly with vue-element-admin

Learn how to use vue-element-admin, a helpful admin dashboard starter template, to jumpstart your dashboard building process in Vue.
Emmanuel John
8 min read

Understanding Rust disambiguating traits: Copy, Clone, and Dynamic

In this article, we will delve into each trait's specifics and use cases so that you can effectively implement them in your Rust projects.
Eze Sunday
9 min read

Using SuperTokens for authentication in Next.js

In the fast-paced world of web development, security has become a major concern for developers and businesses alike. With the increasing number of data...
Wisdom Ekpotu
10 min read

How to build a ClojureScript web app with React…

ClojureScript, which compiles Clojure to JavaScript, is a natural fit for web development, particularly with React via a library called Reagent.
Oliver Hine
6 min read

The biggest Next.js boilerplates of 2023

Compare the most popular Next.js boilerplates, including NextJS Starter Boilerplate and TailwindBlog based on stats, tech stacks, and features.
Theodorus Clarence
5 min read

The 4 best React Native routing libraries

We take a close look at top React Native routing libraries, exploring their features and use cases, to help you make an informed choice.
Nelson Michael
6 min read

Exploring NestJS middleware: Benefits, use cases, and more

NestJS middleware can help developers perform common tasks in applications. Let's understand how to create and apply middleware in NestJS.
Ibiyemi Adewakun
7 min read

Options for building React Native collapsible accordions

There are many options for building collapsible accordions in React Native. Learn about where and when to implement them in this tutorial.
Shalitha Suranga
12 min read

Rate limiting your Go application

Explore the fundamentals of rate limiting, different types of rate limiting algorithms, and several techniques and libraries for implementing rate limiting in Go applications.
Paul Akinyemi
7 min read