Getting started with Stripe Connect using Next.js

Learn how to connect users’ Stripe accounts to an ecommerce platform using Next.js and Stripe Connect webhooks.
Kumar Abhirup
15 min read

How to build a gRPC server in Dart

Learn the basics of gRPC, a performant, open-source, universal RPC framework and discover how to build a gRPC server in Dart.
Chidume Nnamdi
11 min read

Code testing and linting using AVA and XO

Learn about testing tool AVA and linting tool XO to improve code performance and catch bugs in JavaScript before they become bigger problems.
Prakash Kumar Verma
5 min read

Refactoring cascading conditionals in favor of readability

Review the ways you can refactor your wordy and confusing cascading if/else if and switch statements in JavaScript with this tutorial.
Juan Cruz Martinez
4 min read

React Intl: Internationalize your React apps

With the React Intl library, learn how to internationalize any React project to seamlessly change language and currency within web apps.
Ibadehin Mojeed
14 min read

Swift extensions: An overview with examples

Extensions in Swift are a way to add your functionality to types you do not own. This overview will show you how they work.
Rudrank Riyam
3 min read

Theming React components with Tailwind CSS

Learn how to use Tailwind CSS to create a scalable, themeable library for your React project.
Brett Fisher
8 min read

Using SQLite with React Native 

SQLite, a C-language library, is a popular datastore for mobile applications. Connect a SQLite library to a React Native app with TypeScript.
Dilantha Prasanjith
6 min read

Getting started with React Cosmos

Not sure where to begin with React Cosmos? This guide will teach you how to develop React components in isolation.
Elizabeth Amaechi
4 min read

Build a Rust + WebAssembly frontend web app with…

WebAssembly has made it possible to build frontend apps in Rust. Now, learn to build a simple web app with Rust and Yew, powered...
Mario Zupan
11 min read

Type casting in Swift 

Use type casting operators in Swift to add generalizations that make it easy and fast to run routine tasks like loops.
Ryan Black
5 min read

Building a card widget in Flutter

Learn how to combine standard Flutter widgets to create even more customizable and performant apps in this step-by-step card widget tutorial.
Chinedu Imoh
5 min read