Using ArangoDB with React and Next.js

Explore ArangoDB, a multi-model database for documents, graphs, and key-values. Create database collections both from an online ArangoDB dashboard and Node.js drivers.
Alex Merced
6 min read

Using material-table in React to build feature-rich data tables

Let's review how to create tables in React using one of the best and most feature-rich libraries available: material-table.
Mohammad Faisal
8 min read

Working with lists in Python

Catch up on everything you need to know about working with lists in Python, including some advanced concepts, in this in-depth tutorial.
Shalitha Suranga
8 min read

Understanding Flutter’s Timer class and Timer.periodic

Learn how to use Flutter's Timer class and Timer.periodic to implement timers into mobile applications for various use cases.
Milind Mevada
6 min read

Using KeyboardAwareScrollView and KeyboardAvoidingView in React Native

This tutorial explains what KeyboardAvoidingView and KeyboardAwareScrollView are and how to use them for different purposes.
Huzaima Khan
4 min read

Field arguments vs. directives in GraphQL

What's the difference between GraphQL field arguments and directives? Brush up on their unique capabilities and uses in this tutorial.
Leonardo Losoviz
9 min read

Top 5 smart contract programming languages for blockchain

Many programming languages allow you to write smart contracts, but let's explore the top smart contract programming languages to use.
Eze Sunday
7 min read

Learn Golang encryption and decryption

Learn how to encrypt and decrypt data in Go, keeping data safe by making it difficult to use if it falls into the wrong...
Precious Luke
6 min read

Svelte Material UI: Advanced Material Design components

Explore Svelte Material UI, a helper library for building custom and advanced UI components that is inspired by Google’s Material Design.
Doro Onome
4 min read

Top form validation libraries in Svelte

This review of the top seven most popular form validation libraries in Svelte can help you choose the best fit for your next project.
Nefe James
12 min read

Using Golang templates

Learn about Golang's support for template parsing for text files through different methods, conditionals, and functions.
Oluwatomisin Bamimore
6 min read

Running Strapi in production with AWS

Strapi documentation covers how to host it on AWS, but that is not production-grade. Learn the best configurations for your Strapi database, monitoring, storage,...
Cristian Rita
5 min read