Configuring Apache for Node.js

Apache brings several benefits to Node.js applications. Use our tutorial with a working code sample to learn how to configure Apache for a Node...
Deborah Emeni
7 min read

Using console colors with Node.js

Use Chalk, Colors.js, and Color-CLI to implement console colors in Node.js apps and make your apps’ outputs more readable.
Lewis Cianci
5 min read

Integrating Firebase authentication into an Expo mobile app

In this tutorial, you can learn how to build a mobile application with Expo that will integrate with the Firebase authentication module.
Juan Cruz Martinez
12 min read

A better way of solving prop drilling in React…

In the spirit of "using the platform," learn how the React library provides a workaround for prop drilling without Redux or the Context API....
David Herbert
11 min read

UI best practices for loading, error, and empty states…

Here, we cover the best practices to use in client-side rendered React apps when handling loading, error, and empty state.
Iva Kop
7 min read

Deploying your React app with full-stack Cloudflare Pages

Full-stack Cloudflare Pages works exactly the same way as Cloudflare Pages, with no changes in the deployment workflow involving git commit and git push.
Emmanuel Etukudo
4 min read

Build an image-to-text conversion app with React and Tesseract.js

Learn how to use Tesseract.js with React to create an app that converts text in an image to machine-readable content.
Akshay Rana
3 min read

The ultimate guide to GetX state management in Flutter

Develop mobile applications easily through Flutter using GetX, a micro framework with route management and dependency injection.
Murtaza Sulaihi
13 min read

Designing a modern UI theme with Open Props

Open Props is an open source, color scheme-optimized CSS library that provides fast, consistent, customized design options. It is non-prescriptive and is designed for...
Clara Ekekenta
5 min read

Why React doesn’t update state immediately

State updates in React are asynchronous; when an update is requested, there is no guarantee that the updates will be made immediately.
Chiamaka Umeh
2 min read

Build interactive charts with Flask and D3.js

Easily visualize data with interactive charts in your next project using a combination of Python's Flask and D3.js.
Brain Aboze
10 min read

Deta vs. Heroku: Finding the better cloud provider

Compare one of the most popular cloud service providers, Heroku, with a new and fully free alternative, Deta.
Elijah Asaolu
4 min read