Product Management

What is a market requirements document (MRD)?

To win over your target audience, you need to transform your offering into a market-driven product. That’s where the marketing requirements document (MRD) comes...
Advait Lad
6 min read

What is competitive analysis? Template, examples, and how-to

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll define competitive analysis, describe the benefits of conducting one, and walk through how to do a competitive analysis.
Klaas Hermans
8 min read

What is business value and how to measure it

Business value is a powerful metric. Use it to assess your current standing, estimate your future potential, and plan a path to bridge the...
Bart Krawczyk
3 min read

What technical skills should product managers possess?

Although there’s a point of diminishing returns when it comes to technical knowledge for product managers, it’s farther away than you might think.
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read

DACI: A decision-making framework for cross-functional teams

DACI is a decision-making framework for agile, cross-functional teams designed to clarify expectations around roles and responsibilities. Learn more about this and other related...
Jordan Lamborn
4 min read

What is a business roadmap and how to create…

The vision outlined in a well-written business roadmap gives focus and support to the entire organization and ensures that all areas of the business...
Robert Drury
5 min read

B2B vs. B2C product management: Key differences and examples

B2B product management focuses on ROI calculations whereas B2C PMs are more flexible and UX-driven. Explore examples to learn more about these key differences...
Bart Krawczyk
6 min read

What is the product development lifecycle? 5 stages and…

As with every process in agile development, the product development lifecycle is designed to help teams deliver value quickly and effectively through learning and...
Bindiya Thakkar
7 min read

What is the AARRR (aka pirate metrics) framework?

AARRR metrics — also known as pirate metrics — focus on every stage of the customer lifecycle to help you gain actionable insights into your...
Sara Nguyen
5 min read

Product manager vs. project manager: What’s the difference?

The fields of project management and product management are commonly — and erroneously — used interchangeably. In this guide, we unpack how the two...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read

What is alpha testing? Definition and process with examples

Alpha testing is a step in the software release lifecycle designed to validate initial end-to-end user acceptance, adherence to product requirements, and viability for...
Klaas Hermans
6 min read

What is the Jobs-to-be-Done framework? Examples and overview

The core principle of the Jobs-to-be-Done framework is as follows: to create a product or service that your customer wants, you need to understand...
Emma Burt
5 min read