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Build a custom TikTok autoplay React Hook with Intersection Observer

Create a React Hook for autoplaying videos with Intersection Observer to create a TikTok clone in this tutorial and example build.
Joel Adewole
6 min read

How to implement feature flags in React

Learn how to safely test changes to your React apps without deploying code using feature flags in Flagsmith.
Geshan Manandhar
6 min read
An Android Robot Inside a Blue Glowing Cube

Building faster Android apps with Jetpack Compose

This article will jumpstart your learning of Jetpack Compose by demonstrating the building blocks of a Compose UI application and more.
Nate Ebel
7 min read

Building a 2D game with Flutter

Learn how to build your very own game of Pong (and sharpen your dev skills) with this step-by-step Flutter tutorial.
Chinedu Imoh
5 min read
Comparing React Tree Components

Comparing React tree components

Learn about four of the popular libraries for rendering tree diagrams in React, such as Geist UI and Ant Design.
Hussain Arif
5 min read
How to play sounds in React Native using react-native-sound

How to play sounds in React Native using react-native-sound

A little ding for a new notification, a “whoosh” sound for an email sent, or a crumbling noise for deleting files...
Nitish Sharma
6 min read
5 Web APIs That Add Mobile Functionality to Your Project

5 web APIs that add mobile functionality to your project

Learn about APIs that provide mobile-friendly functionality, such as the Web Share, Contact Picker, and Clipboard APIs.
Chimezie Enyinnaya
7 min read

Building a random number generator with JavaScript and Node.js

Improve the security of your Node.js apps with private keys or create useful gameplay features with this guide to random number...
Alexander Nnakwue
6 min read
7 Most Common Web Design Mistakes According to Psychology

7 most common web design mistakes according to psychology

If you’re a frontend dev tasked with designing an app in addition to building it, these psychological principles can ensure your...
Gert Svaiko
4 min read
Building A Github Copilot App

1 week with GitHub Copilot: Building an app using only Copilot

GitHub Copilot is the newest tool to autocomplete code with the help of OpenAI. Learn how to build an app using...
Evgeny Klimenchenko
8 min read
A quick overview of UI/UX best practices for cookie notifications

UI/UX best practices for cookie notifications

Take a step back from the controversy surrounding cookie notices and review these best UI/UX practices for implementing them on your...
Adewale Abati
4 min read
How To Make A Splash Screen In Flutter

How to make a splash screen in Flutter

Using Flutter, learn how to make a splash page with an opening animation for your apps to create a lasting first...
Lewis Cianci
5 min read