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Build A Video Upload And Compression App With Multer And React Native

Build a video upload and compression app with Multer and React Native

Use Multer, a Node.js middleware, to build a full-stack Android and iOS app for uploading videos in React Native.
Wamaitha Nyamu
14 min read
How To Speed Up Incremental Builds With Gatsby's Slice Api

How to speed up incremental builds with Gatsby’s Slice API

Using the Slice API in Gatsby projects can help enhance the speed of incremental builds, improving your site performance and productivity.
Peter Ekene Eze
5 min read
The Last Guide to the useEffect Hook You'll Ever Need

A complete guide to the useEffect React Hook

A comprehensive guide to the useEffect React Hook, including when and when not to use it, using it with custom Hooks,...
Sebastian Weber
23 min read
Getting Started With Inertia.js, Vue.js, and AdonisJs

Getting started with Inertia.js, Vue.js, and AdonisJs

This article will cover getting started with Inertia.js, Vue.js, and AdonisJs to create fast and performant web applications.
Emmanuel Odioko
11 min read
Building A Carousel In React Using Hooks

Building a carousel component in React using Hooks

Build a custom React carousel component using Hooks, and compare it to the newly released use-carousel-hook.
Florian Rappl
9 min read
Creating An Interactive SVG: The Circle Of Fifths

Creating an interactive SVG: The circle of fifths

Learn how to create and style a circle of fifths image into an interactive SVG using CSS functions.
Mads Stoumann
4 min read
Phoenix React TypeScript To Do List

Create a to-do list app with Phoenix, React, and TypeScript

Create a simple to-do list application by combining the power of a Phoenix API with the flexibility of a React application.
Allan MacGregor
13 min read
Medusa Shopify Alternative Nocdn

Using Medusa as a Shopify alternative

Explore Medusa, a headless CMS that offers many benefits like decoupled architecture, scalability, and the ability to write and deploy code...
Frank Joseph
5 min read
Creating A Vertical Tab Layout For React Native Apps

Creating a vertical tab layout for React Native apps

Let's design a vertical tab layout in React Native — using CSS flexbox for responsiveness — and discuss horizontal vs. vertical...
Kingsley Ubah
5 min read
Build A React Native Speech To Text App

Build a React Native speech-to-text dictation app

Learn how to build a speech-to-text dictation application using React Native, Node.js, Xcode, and VS Code.
Ganesh Mani
8 min read
Strategies for Migrating from a Monolith to Islands Architecture

Strategies for migrating from a monolith to islands

Our goal here is to explore how we can take advantage of the benefits of islands architecture when working with a...
Sean Davis
6 min read
Build a React dashboard with Tremor

Build a React dashboard with Tremor

Use Tremor, a low-level library for building dashboards in React, and create an interactive dashboard application.
David Omotayo
13 min read