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Pattern matching and type safety in TypeScript

Although TypeScript doesn’t have native pattern matching, its community has created several pattern matching libraries that offer more expressive and concise...
Michal Zalecki
8 min read
Exploring 5 Popular React Native Color Picker Libraries

Exploring 5 popular React Native color picker libraries

React Native color picker libraries can help us select the right color scheme for our apps. Let's look at five popular...
Chimezie Innocent
9 min read
Using Kotlin Sleep(), Delay(), And Wait() In Your Android App

Kotlin multithreading: Comparing .wait(), .sleep(), and .delay()

The wait, sleep, and delay Kotlin multithreading functions control the flow and order of execution of different streams of information.
Ivan Garza
5 min read
Create Beautiful Stroked Text CSS

Can you create beautiful stroked text in CSS?

We explore several approaches for creating stroked text (or outline text) in CSS and with SVGs and look at many stroked...
Rob O'Leary
11 min read
Simplify Codebase Swift Decorator Design Pattern

Simplify your codebase with Swift’s decorator design pattern

Delve into the power of decorator design patterns in Swift, learning how they can simplify your codebase and improve its structure.
Yusuf Ahmed
3 min read
Using Cow In Rust For Efficient Memory Utilization

Using Cow in Rust for efficient memory utilization

Using the Cow data type in Rust can help reduce copying data unnecessarily, as well as potentially improve performance and save...
Yashodhan Joshi
7 min read
How Create Double Border CSS

How to create a double border in CSS

Explore a number of alternatives to the conventional CSS border-style: double method for creating a double border for a webpage element.
Pascal Akunne
6 min read
Writing interactive component stories with Histoire

Writing interactive component stories with Histoire in Vue 3 and TypeScript

Learn how Histoire, a Vue-focused Storybook alternative, can help you illustrate your different development patterns and more.
Sebastian Weber
9 min read

A guide to Node.js design patterns

Learn more about design patterns, like the factory method pattern, the singleton pattern, and the builder pattern you can start using...
Fernando Doglio
21 min read
Using Helmet With Node Js To Secure Your Application

Using Helmet in Node.js to secure your application

Learn how to integrate Node.js with Helmet to improve security by safeguarding HTTP headers returned by a Node.js app.
Antonello Zanini
9 min read
Creating Smoother CSS Transitions Animate CSS Grid

Creating smoother CSS transitions with Animate CSS Grid

Let's explore how to use the Animate CSS Grid package to animate and create smoother transitions for our grid.
Timonwa Akintokun
6 min read
Building A React Portfolio Website With Locomotive Scroll

Building a React portfolio website with Locomotive Scroll

Locomotive Scroll provides support for various forms of scrolling animations, including smooth scrolling, animated page overlays, and parallax effects.
Isaac Okoro
12 min read