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16 useful TypeScript and JavaScript shorthands to know

JavaScript and TypeScript share many shorthands for common code concepts. Learn how to use 16 helpful TypeScript and JavaScript shorthands.
Ibiyemi Adewakun
7 min read

How Astro compares to Next.js for React apps

At their most basic levels, Next.js is a full-stack framework specifically built for React, whereas Astro is a static site generator offering support for...
Cole Gawin
6 min read

Using static site generation in modern React frameworks

There are many static site generation tools based on React, but which should you pick? We explore the options available and their use cases.
Alec Brunelle
6 min read

How to build a REST client with JavaScript proxies

A proxy is a feature of metaprogramming that enhances the behavior of a function by passing different functions as a parameter, essentially allowing developers...
Popoola Temitope
6 min read

Create a Flutter dating app with swipe cards

Use Flutter to develop a dating app similar to Tinder with a swipeable feature for likes and dislikes.
Shubham Soni
12 min read

Setting up a TypeScript and Gatsby project with GraphQL

Explore Gatsby and its usage with GraphQL and TypeScript. Learn to fetch data in Gatsby apps using GraphQL with either page queries or StaticQuery.
Yomi Eluwande
9 min read

Exploring the future potential of generic GraphQL error codes

What if GraphQL supported a set of generic error codes? Read about one engineer's journey to implement them on his own GraphQL server.
Leonardo Losoviz
14 min read

Managing decentralized data with Ceramic

Learn about the Ceramic protocol as we look at the core components, consensus mechanism, and what it really offers.
Victor Jonah
4 min read

What you need to know about inbuilt browser HTML…

Read up on the experimental, inbuilt browser API for HTML sanitization in this post and learn how you can better prepare for XSS attacks.
Shalitha Suranga
9 min read

5 cool CSS header styles with cross-browser compatibility

Learn how to make your CSS header texts cool and cross-browser compatible with this detailed, interactive tutorial with images.
Oscar Jite-Orimiono
15 min read

React dynamic imports and route-centric code splitting guide

Read our route-centric code splitting guide and learn how to speed up your React apps using dynamic imports, React.lazy(), React.Suspense, React Router, and Loadable...
Lawrence Eagles
7 min read

Rethinking mobile app monitoring

Native mobile apps are more popular than ever, which means mobile app monitoring needs to evolve to meet UX demands.
Ben Edelstein
3 min read