How to use React with Ruby on Rails

Build complex UIs with this tutorial outlining multiple ways to use and install React in a Ruby on Rails project.
Edmund Ekott
4 min read

How to use Flutter Hooks

Learn how to use Flutter Hooks to provide a robust and clean way to manage widgets, increase code-sharing, and reduce code duplicates.
Chidume Nnamdi
6 min read

Creating Victory charts in React Native

Engage users with effective data visuals that are easy to read and understand. Here's how to apply Victory charts in your React Native app.
Matthew Croak
7 min read

A quick guide to Provider for Flutter state management

A brief guide to managing the state of a Flutter app with Provider, a popular package for clean, efficient state management.
Chinedu Imoh
4 min read

Top React Native tab navigation components

A review of the top five tab navigation components for React Native, all of which work with React Navigation for a seamless user experience.
Caelin Sutch
4 min read

Implementing CodePush in React Native

Add CodePush to your React Native application to easily deploy app updates directly to end users instead of through the Google Play and iOS...
Fortune Ikechi
4 min read

vanilla-extract tutorial: Create zero-runtime style sheets in TypeScript

vanilla-extract helps you create zero-runtime style sheets in TypeScript. Learn how by building and theming a demo app with React and webpack.
Julio Sampaio
8 min read

Managing app permissions in React Native

Learn how to ask your users for permission to record and capture video, photos, and audio with the react-native-permissions library.
Irem Karaoglu
7 min read

How to create a search bar in Flutter

Learn how to create an animated search bar in your Flutter apps with this quick, step-by-step tutorial and example build.
Chinedu Imoh
3 min read

Using SharedPreferences in Flutter to store data locally

SharedPreferences enables you to persist and modify data (such as login credentials) in your Flutter app so you can reuse it later.
Chidume Nnamdi
7 min read

Mastering the Node.js path module

Learn the common patterns when using the Node.js path module for file system paths and when you shouldn't manipulate paths into strings.
Val Karpov
4 min read

A guide to theming your app in Flutter

A beautiful, well designed app theme can make or break a project. Refresh yourself on the basics of theming in Flutter in this tutorial.
Chinedu Imoh
5 min read