Build an ecommerce site with SvelteKit and the Shopify…

Learn how to build a site with SvelteKit to display all your Shopify products, then deploy the site to Netlify.
Peter Ekene Eze
10 min read

Building micro-frontends with webpack’s Module Federation

Learn how you can simplify app architecture by using webpack 5’s Module Federation to consume and share micro-frontend components with a Vue.js example.
Uma Victor
7 min read

Understanding JavaScript currying

Learn what currying is in Javascript, why and where you should use currying, and how to implement it with code examples
Ezekiel Lawson
5 min read

Improve async network state handling with custom React Hooks

Follow this guide to see the various states in which network requests exist and how to keep request management within custom React Hooks.
Caleb Mathew
6 min read

Why scrum has become irrelevant

Scrum has destroyed the central tenet of agile — people over process — thanks to bad management and the rise of the certified scrum...
Paul Cowan
3 min read

Mastering Stripe PaymentSheet in React Native with Expo

Build a React Native app with Expo, Stripe, and PaymentSheet in this advanced tutorial for a donation mobile app.
Atharva Deosthale
10 min read

Astro: Build faster apps with less JavaScript

Astro is the newly popularized static website builder that is quick to use and requires less JavaScript. Here are its best features.
Sean Davis
8 min read

Make sharing TypeScript code and types quick and easy

Explore the ways you can save time and more easily share the TypeScript code and types you and your team need in this tutorial.
Ashley Davis
13 min read

7 most common web design mistakes according to psychology

If you’re a frontend dev tasked with designing an app in addition to building it, these psychological principles can ensure your design works.
Gert Svaiko
4 min read

Using React Query for state management in React Native

Learn how to manage state in React Native using React Query, a simple state management option for your future applications.
Lawrence Eagles
7 min read

Advanced unit testing patterns in Go

Learn how to implement more accurate tests in your Go application by using advanced patterns like mocking, test fixtures, test helpers, and golden files....
Ayooluwa Isaiah
11 min read

How to build an app with Hugo

Learn how to build static websites with Hugo, a powerful static site generator known for its speed, simplicity, and security.
Precious Luke
7 min read