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Understanding API key authentication in Node.js

By using API keys, the user doesn’t need to worry about multi-factor authentication with their username and password.
Muhammed Ali
5 min read

Kotlin SharedPreferences data storage guide

This comprehensive Android data storage guide investigates and offers solutions for using Kotlin's SharedPreferences API.
Paulo Pereira
5 min read

Using Dagger with Docker for better CI/CD

Learn how to use Dagger, an open-source devkit, with Docker to improve your CI/CD pipelines.
Timothy Olaleke
5 min read

CSS vs. CSS-in-JS: How and why to use each

Let's discuss the pros and cons of CSS vs. CSS-in-JS given the current state of modern CSS and how it is likely to change...
Rahul Chhodde
8 min read

Deep dive into enhanced enums in Flutter 3.0

Learn how to use new built-in enum features in Flutter 3.0 to implement everything in one place.
Artur Fijał
5 min read

A complete guide to running Rust on Arduino

Learn how to run Rust on Arduino, an AVR microcontroller.
MacBobby Chibuzor
5 min read

The 6 best CSS background generators

Explore 6 of the best CSS background generators to learn how to add patterns and effects to your webpage and improve your UI.
Fimber Elemuwa
4 min read

How to add dynamic colors with CSS

You don't need JavaScript to make your CSS colors dynamic. You need only take advantage of dynamic colors.
Samuel Martins
4 min read

Application state management with Svelte

Svelte takes a more simplistic approach to state management, eliminating the need to install libraries and offering stores that manage state within the framework...
Raphael Ugwu
4 min read

ArrayList vs. LinkedList for Kotlin data structure

Let's explore the main differences between ArrayList and LinkedList in Kotlin to figure out which data collection structure is best.
Antonello Zanini
6 min read

Guide to the MUI grid system

Learn about the MUI grid system, its features and limitations, and implementing it in React. Explore MUI Grid v2, which is experimental at the...
Gaurav Singhal
8 min read

Using Hooks with React Router

React Router Hooks like useParams, useNavigate, useLocation, useMatch, and useRoutes provide developers with new ways to handle the router state.
Gaurav Singhal
7 min read