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Typical Protobuf Data Serialization TypeScript

Typical vs. Protobuf: Data serialization in TypeScript

We investigate two serialization technologies, Typical and Protobuf, and see how to serialize and deserialize data in TypeScript.
Alec Brunelle
8 min read
Comparing The Popover Api And The Dialog Element

Comparing the Popover API and the <dialog> element

Let's discuss the similarities and differences between the Popover and HTMLDialogElement APIs, their use cases, and when to use each.
Rahul Chhodde
12 min read
Comparing classless CSS frameworks

Comparing classless CSS frameworks

Compare class-based, class-light, and classless CSS frameworks in this comprehensive post covering ten frameworks with demos and examples.
Shalitha Suranga
9 min read
Working CSV Files React-Papaparse

Working with CSV files with react-papaparse

We explore how to implement CSV functionality into a React app using react-papaparse, as well as handle errors and create downloadable...
David Omotayo
14 min read
Implement React Native in-app purchases for Android apps

Implement React Native in-app purchases for Android apps

Learn how to implement the react-native-iap package in an Android app in this detailed React Native tutorial with examples.
Emmanuel John
8 min read
Using Opennext To Deploy A Next Js App To Aws Lambda

Using OpenNext to deploy a Next.js app to AWS Lambda

OpenNext is an open source adapter for the Next.js framework that helps integrate your Next.js app smoothly with AWS services like...
Nwani Victory
7 min read
Understanding Redux: A Tutorial With Examples

Understanding Redux: A tutorial with examples

This guide provides a foundational understanding of Redux, highlighting its functionalities and why you should use it for state management.
Neo Ighodaro
10 min read
Implementing Function Overloading TypeScript

Implementing function overloading in TypeScript

We discuss function overloading in TypeScript and investigate how (and in what scenario) )we can most effectively implement it.
Nelson Michael
5 min read
Adding Comment Functionality To Your React Native Application

Adding comment functionality to your React Native app

Learn to enable React Native comments by building an example app from the ground up using Firebase for data storage and...
Onuorah Bonaventure
35 min read
Using Supabase Vector Database PostgreSQL

Using Supabase’s vector database with PostgreSQL

We explore how to manage vector data in a PostgreSQL database using Supabase and how to create embeddings with OpenAI.
Vijit Ail
7 min read
Data Fetching With GetServerSideProps And GetStaticProps

Data fetching in Next.js with getServerSideProps and getStaticProps

Compare the `getInitialProps`, `getServerSideProps`, and `getStaticProps` data fetching methods, and how they work for server-side rendering and static site generation.
Yomi Eluwande
8 min read
Common TypeScript Module Problems And How To Solve Them

Common TypeScript module problems and how to solve them

Avoid common module problems in TypeScript using the TypeScript compiler and module system.
Emmanuel John
6 min read