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7 optimization techniques in React

In this tutorial, we will learn various optimization methods that use these inbuilt APIs, lifecycle methods and some other general techniques that ensure you...
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What’s new in Nuxt 2.8

NuxtJS is one of the fastest growing frameworks for developing VueJS applications. The ability to choose what type of application you can create with...
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What’s new in Nuxt 2.7

NuxtJS is a free and open source web application framework based on Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js, Webpack, and Babel.js. It is one of the most...
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An intro to Zero Server, a new tool to simplify web development

Zero Server is an application bundler made to simplify web development. It takes away the hassle of package management and routing by automatically doing...
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Tools and modern workflow for front-end developers

Recently different tools and workflows have emerged in order to make the front-end development process easier — one of these tools is known as abuild tool....
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Improving load performance and debugging with Chrome DevTools

Chrome developer tools is a browser-based console that comes prepacked with Google Chrome. Not only does it come with a lot of tools and...
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SQL is neither dead nor a dinosaur. You should use it for your web app.

SQL and this dinosaur may be old, but they’re very much alive and kicking. Introduction SQL(Structured Query Language) is a language for interacting and performing...
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Submitting HTML forms using JavaScript frameworks (Vue, React, Hyperapp)

HTML forms can send an HTTP request declaratively while submitting forms and awaiting response. However, you have to wait for a full page reload...
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Building a server-rendered React app with Next.js & Express.js

It goes without saying that React is an excellent choice for building high-quality web applications. However, as things become more complex, you’ll need to...
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Infinite scroll techniques in React

Introduction Infinite scrolling is a web design technique that loads content continuously as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination....
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How & why: A guide to using TypeScript with React

Using TypeScript with React can increase development speed, improve code readability, and more.
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Advanced Vue.js concepts: Mixins, custom directives, and more

Vue.js is arguably one of the easiest and most minimalist JavaScript frameworks with which to get started. While we cannot downplay the current momentum...
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