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Understand array methods by implementing them — all of them

There's no better way to learn than by taking things apart and putting them back together.
0 15 min read

Methods for tracking action status in Redux

Redux allows you to set an immutable global state for an action, so its status is available anywhere in your app.
0 4 min read

Learn these keyboard shortcuts to become a VS Code ninja

Using a mouse to interact with the IDE in VS Code can be a major flow-breaker. Learning these keyboard shortcuts can be a game-changer.
2 6 min read

What’s Deno, and how is it different from Node.js?

Learn what Deno is and how it aims to fix the inherent issues in Node.js.
9 5 min read

A complete guide to threads in Node.js

Many people wonder how a single-threaded Node.js can compete with multithreaded back ends. As such, it may seem counterintuitive that so many huge companies...
0 15 min read

4 different techniques for copying objects in JavaScript

(and how to implement them) When working with functional programming a good rule of thumb is to always create new objects instead of changing...
0 10 min read

How to extract text from an image using JavaScript

Tesseract.js Many note-taking apps nowadays offer to take a picture of a document and turn it into text. I was curious and decided to...
0 7 min read

Creating Nodemon in Node.js

Manually restarting an application’s process after each change to the codebase can be both exhausting and frustrating. Fortunately, one brilliant developer eventually said “enough!”...
0 8 min read

Creating a logger in Node.js from scratch

Learn how to create a logger in Node.js with built-in transports.
0 10 min read